We Like 'Em Short Film Festival

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WLES Festival is now on accepting submissions at FilmFreeway!!!!

We Like 'Em Short Nominees for 2018


Best Picture

“Two Balloons” Directed by Mark C. Smith, “The Box” Directed by Dusan Kastelic

“Compartments” Directed by Daniella Koffler and Uli Seis , “Ugly” Directed by Nikita Diakur,

“Face” Directed by Luke Tierney


Best Director

“Two Balloons” Directed by Mark C. Smith, “Child Labour” Directed by Mina Vali Zadeh & Krystal Sojourner,

“Face” Directed by Luke Tierney, “Snowstorm Rouette” Directed by Mike Wright,

“The Box” Directed by Dusan Kastelic


Best Student Film

“The Deep End” (France) Directed by Elise Augarten

“Stroke” ( UK) Directed by Jiani zhao and Emanuele Romano

“The Artist And The Kid” ( India) Directed by Sasank Dhulipudi

“Between Sand and Tides” ( Singapore) Directed by Ruifan Wang


Best Cinematography

Maxwell Gately for “That Smell”, Padraig Conaty for “You’re Not a Man At All”, Paul Marke for “No Service”, Reijean Heringlake for “Two Balloons”

Thomas Freundlich for “Cold Storage”


Best Actress

Anna Tolputt for “Bun”, Kalyn Miles for “Scattered”

Kimberley Drake for “Snowstorm Roulette”, Lauren Masiello for “Rag Dolls”,

Kristy Mann for “Health Kick”


Best Actor

Seamus O’Rourke for “You’re Not a Man at All”, Ewen Leslie for “Face”,

Itamar Borochov for “Professional Cuddler”, Mike Fardyfor “Snowstorm Roulette”, Ryan Early for “Eat Jeremy”

Here's the Winners for the 2017 We Like 'Em Short Film Festival


Best Picture


Jailbreak” Directed by Aaron Sorenson


Best Student Film


“Icky” ( 6m - Iran) Directed by Parastoo Cardgar



Best Director


“Pétage” - Breakdown Directed by Greg Tudéla



Best Cinematography


Kamil Małecki for “Plum” - Splash



Best Actress


Anne-Sophie Girard for “Breakdown”



Best Actor


Neil Fannin for “Dear George”


The Official WLES Program for 2017 along with the other events happening around Baker City August 17th thru 21st.

Here's a recent interview with Matthew Toffolo from Festivalreviews.org about WLES with Festival Director Brian Vegter.